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 Aaron Clauset

BioFrontiers computer scientist wins international award for network science

Aaron Clauset, an assistant professor of computer science and member of the BioFrontiers Institute, accepted the prestigious Erdős-Rényi Prize in Network Science in Seoul, Korea for his contributions to the study of network structure, community structure in networks, and his provocative analyses of human conflicts and social stratification.Read more

BioFrontiers Symposium

Register now for the BioFrontiers Symposium

The BioFrontiers Symposium began in 2012 as a biannual event to bring together many of the nation's leading bioscience visionaries to share their work at the frontiers of bioscience research. It is a day of discovery and an opportunity to learn more about the next era of transformative research in science and engineering. On August 12, 2016 the BioFrontiers Symposium will celebrate research in the areas of measuring, understanding and engineering cellular complexity. Read more