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In 2002, Charlie and Jane Butcher had a broad vision of collaborative and interdisciplinary research in the biosciences at the University of Colorado. Leveraging CU’s research strengths, their vision was to break down the barriers between academic disciplines to find solutions to the most challenging health issues we now face.

Charlie and Jane Butcher provided a generous gift in 2002 that supported symposia and seed grants for faculty embarking on these new collaborations over the next decade. Through this program, nearly 60 grants totaling $5.5 million were given to CU researchers across all four campuses. To date, these awards have resulted in more than 120 scientific publications, and produced data that helped recipients receive more than $26.2 million in new grants.

We are honored that Charlie and Jane Butcher helped to establish a strong foundation of interdisciplinary research in bioscience and biotechnology at CU. The Butcher program is now evolving to serve the next generation of interdisciplinary scientists. This year the program will be offered to graduate students and postdocs, and will feature a scientific poster session and an opportunity for these young researchers to find collaborators.


Charlie Butcher