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Our mission at the Next-Generation Sequencing Facility is to supply innovative sequencing technologies for studying genetic variation and function, making studies possible that seemed imaginable just a few years ago. The Miseq and NextSeq 500 are revolutionary sequencing tools for DNA and RNA analysis which are enabling rapid groundbreaking achievements in life science and disease research, drug development, and the diagnostics of molecular tests in the clinic. It is our goal to quickly and effectively offer these new technologies to the science community to push research to the next level of genetic investigation.

The Illumina system uses Solexa sequencing technology and novel reversible terminator chemistry, optimized to achieve unprecedented levels of cost effectiveness and throughput. The Illumina sequencing platforms generate 30-120 gigabases of sequence data per lane (Next Seq 500) or up to 15Gb (MiSeq), using a massively parallel sequencing approach. More details about our machines and their applications go to the Illumina web site at

All our instruments are capable of running paired-end reads that allow each library insert to be sequenced from both ends. This capability, allows for longer accurate reads and has expanded the utility of these platforms for de novo assemblies. Illumina maintains a website with the most up-to-date citations about the experiments being done with these instruments, and we’re always happy to discuss with you what’s new and what’s available at our Core.



For questions about our sequencing facility please contact our Next-Gen Sequencing Facility Director Jamie Prior Kershner:

Office: 303-735-1255


Location: Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotech. Bldg., 3415 Colorado Avenue, C1B76, Boulder, CO, 80303


Email List:

The DNA Technologies Core maintains an email list to notify people of facility updates, ques, offers, seminars, and workshops. If you’d like to be included on this list please contact Meghan Sloan at