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The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer system provides sizing, quantitation and quality control of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells on a single platform, providing high quality digital data. With ready-to-use assays and pre-packaged reagent kits, it is easy to use with minimal sample consumption (1-4 µL).

Pricing and Scheduling

If you wish to prepare your own  Bioanalyzer chip note that there will be no reimbursement no matter the results. Bioanalyzer runs should be performed by our facility members for consistency and easy error diagnosis. If errors occur and our team has prepared your chip, you will receive full refund.

Prices for sequencing depend on the chip used. Look at our official posted charges for more detail. Visit our Sequencing Core Calendar at or contact us for details about scheduling.

Bioanalyzer Kits Specs

Bioanalyzer kits specs.pdf — PDF document, 60 kB (61,628 bytes)

DNA 1000 Guide

DNA1000 Guide.pdf — PDF document, 148 kB (151,704 bytes)

DNA 12000/7500 Guide

DNA 7500-12000 Guide.pdf — PDF document, 148 kB (151,810 bytes)

DNA High Sensitivity Guide

DNA HighSensitivity Guide.pdf — PDF document, 185 kB (189,683 bytes)

RNA 6000 Nano Guide

RNA 6000 Nano Guide.pdf — PDF document, 191 kB (195,941 bytes)