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XRay Facility

The Biomolecular X-Ray Crystallography Lab provides resources for crystallization and structure determination of biological macromolecules.  Three controlled-temperature rooms (20 °C, 4 °C and 30 °C) are available for crystallization experiments.  Two data collection systems, with cryo-cooling, are available for crystal characterization, cryoprotectant screening, and in-house data collection. One data collection system consists of a Rigaku MM007 rotating anode x-ray generator with Varimax optics, a Raxis IV++ image plate detector, and an Oxford cryosystem. The second system is a XtaLAB MM003 equipt with a MicroMax-003 Microfocus sealed tube X-ray generator system, a AFC11 Partial-χ, 4-axis goniometer, a Dectris PILATUS 200K 2D hybrid pixel array area detector and an Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream Unit. Resources are available for remote data collection at synchrotrons, as well as for in-house crystallographic computation and model-building. In addition, the lab houses a Phoenix dropsetter for crystallization and two RockImager system for crystal imaging.