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Story Collider partnered with CU Boulder for a special edition of its science storytelling show.

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Story Collider partners with CU

As science becomes less trusted in the public sphere, scientists would like the community to connect with their work, but are nervous about stepping away from scientific journals and toward new audiences and media.

Storytelling provides an effective way to connect with people, but many scientists are nervous about using it to galvanize interest in their own work. Listening to podcasts from expert storytellers intensifies this anxiety. How can I ever sound like that? My story isn’t nearly as interesting. Who will care?

The University of Colorado's BioFrontiers Institute hosted an intensive science communications workshop with Story Collider for researchers, faculty, graduate students and members of the biotech community in July 2016. Out of the 20 workshop participants, five were chosen to present their stories at a live event. They presented scientific information in a new way. Their stories are below:


Aggie Mika

"Poop smoothies and C diff" with Aggie Mika

Jana Watson-Capps

"Sex in Dolphins and the realities of a PhD" with Jana Watson-Capps

Layne Hubbard

"Waking up in the hospital" with Layne Hubbard

Katya Hayfich

"Finding the inspiration for research" with Katya Hayfich
Mary Allen

"Searching for similarities in our differences" with Mary Allen