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Several of our scientists are working to solve a wide range of problems with drug discovery research, from diseases like cancers and infectious diseases, to providing vaccine technology for under-resourced areas of the world.

About our Research

BioFrontiers is a new research institute dedicated to 21st century bioscience and biotechnology at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

The BioFrontiers Institute was built on a vision of creating a flexible and supportive environment for scientists and engineers to work across disciplines on projects that might be outside the realm of traditional research in their area. Since its inception, research at BioFrontiers has spanned a wide range of subject areas, but the common element is taking their discoveries and extending them into real-world applications that improve human health and well-being.

Our researchers have a passion about their science and openness to new ideas, allowing them to work across disciplines to embrace even the most complex problems. Currently, BioFrontiers faculty, partners and facilities can be organized around four interdisciplinary research areas.

    Large Datasets and Genomics - Using computational, statistical and mathematical approaches to extract knowledge from large sets of biological data and to model biological systems.

      Bioimaging: From Molecules to Organisms - Applying physical principles to visualize, measure and understand key biological processes

      New Therapeutic Paradigms - Using chemical principles to develop innovative medicine, including new approaches, new drugs and new vaccines.

        Regenerative Biology - Engineering medical solutions through biological processes