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BioFronters Institute uses computational biology, genomics research, statistical and mathematical approaches to extract knowledge from large sets of biological data and to model biological systems.

Large Datasets and Genomics

Using computational, statistical and mathematical approaches to extract knowledge from large sets of biological data and to model biological systems.

The BioFrontiers Institute hires interdisciplinary faculty working to leverage CU’s departmental strengths with the aim of improving human health and well-being. Our research in this area takes advantage of large datasets and creates effective ways to interpret them. Researchers draw from computer science, mathematics, and biology to tackle complex problems in computational biology and genomics research.

BioFrontiers core faculty conducting research in this area:

Aaron Clauset develops novel computational and statistical techniques for understanding data from complex biological and social systems. His main areas of focus are in complex networks, machine learning, dynamical systems and macroevolutionary theory. Read more

Robin Dowell uses both experimental and computational biology tools to characterize the multitude of noncoding RNAs in the transcriptome. She focuses on identifying key differences between closely related individuals, working toward a vision of personalized medicine. Read more

Key Collaborators

In addition to our core faculty, BioFrontiers faculty members tie together a network of collaborators across the University of Colorado system to work on challenges involving computational biology and genomics research. These collaborators include:

David Bortz - Applied Math; interests in mathematical biology and statistics

Liz Bradley - Computer Science; interests in artificial intelligence, nonlinear dynamics and time-series analysis  Read more

Jim Goodrich - Chemistry & Biochemistry; interests in molecular mechanisms governing mammalian RNA polymerase II transcription

Ken Krauter - Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology; interests in comparative genome analysis and drug dependence

Manuel Lladser - Applied Math; interests in applied and discrete probability, algorithms, computational biology and genomics research

University of Colorado, Denver’s Computational Bioscience Program

Anschutz Medical Campus

Key Facilities

The Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building houses several core labs to support researchers with the resources they need to work in computational biology and genomics research. In addition, the BioFrontiers Institute provides the regional biotech community with access to research facilities including next-generation sequencing applications and NMR spectroscopy. The Next-generation Sequencing Facility offers Illumina sequencing equipment and the expertise to offer high-risk, high-reward sequencing projects.