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The BioFrontiers Institute hires faculty working across disciplines to leverage CU’s departmental strengths with the aim of improving human health and well-being with a focus on regenerative biology. 

Regenerative Biology

Engineering medical solutions through biological processes.

The BioFrontiers Institute hires faculty working across disciplines to leverage CU’s departmental strengths with the aim of improving human health and well-being. Regenerative biology allows technological solutions to partner with the body’s own healing processes to create solutions for human health. Several faculty members at the BioFrontiers Institute focus on efforts around regenerative biology, including tissue engineering, cardiovascular health and biomaterials. These faculty members include:

Kristi Anseth develops biomaterial niches, custom three-dimensional cellular microenvironments, that present cells with informative chemical, biological, and physical cues. Her interests are twofold: (1) to provide better in vitro models to study disease and development and (2) to enable the regeneration of functional tissues for clinical applications.

Stephanie Bryant develops synthetic 3D cellular niches and bioreactors, which are capable of recapitulating aspects of the native niche in a highly controlled manner. These are giving her an understanding of the biochemical and biomechanical cues that guide cellular proliferation, cell fate and tissue growth. She is using this information to develop new therapies for tissue regeneration.

Leslie Leinwand studies hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. She discovered how heart disease in males and females are fundamentally different. Her recent findings show the same genetic background has different outcomes depending on gender and diet. Featured on NPR’s Science Friday

Key Collaborators

In addition to our core faculty, BioFrontiers faculty members tie together a research network of interdisciplinary collaborators across the University of Colorado system to work in the area of regenerative biology. These collaborators include:

Chris Bowman - Chemical & Biological Engineering; interests in formation, structure and properties of crosslinked polymeric materials, particularly those formed from photopolymerization reactions

Virginia Ferguson - Chemical & Biological Engineering; interests in Biomechanics of hard and soft tissues musculoskeletal disuse atrophy, reproductive biomechanics, materials science in paleontology and nanomechanics of mineralized tissues

Brad Olwin - Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology; interests in skeletal muscle stem cells, muscle regeneration and aging

Anschutz Medical Campus

Key Facilities

The Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building houses several core labs to support researchers with the resources they need to work in the area of regenerative biology. In addition, the BioFrontiers Institute provides the regional biotech community with access to research facilities including next-generation sequencing applications and NMR spectroscopy. A Vivarium is available to support research efforts, as well as a Tissue Culture Facility. There are also machine and electronics shops available. These facilities are located in the Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building.