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There are several ways you can participate in the BioFrontiers Institute's activities and grow from our interdisciplinary biology education. Come visit our campus and see for yourself.


The BioFrontiers Institute is dedicated to the interdisciplinary biology education of the next generation of scientists and engineers.


Biology is immensely complex and we have the opportunity to unravel its complexity and apply our new knowledge to understanding and treating disease, overcoming environmental challenges, and building a better and stronger global community.

These efforts require a new kind of scientist who can work together with colleagues across traditional disciplines to address the major challenges emerging across the biosciences.

There are several ways you can participate in the BioFrontiers Institute's activities around interdisciplinary biology education:

  • Prospective graduate students may apply to our IQ Biology Ph.D. Certificate program, in tandem with their application to PhD programs in participating departments at CU-Boulder to complete their interdisciplinary biology education. (If you are currently a PhD student at CU, you may also apply to the program).
  • Graduate students and qualified undergraduates may take our core courses, attend weekly seminars, and participate in many of the events run by and for students.
  • You are invited to attend the Biotechnology Opportunity Seminar Series to learn from and network with biotechnology industry leaders, as well as participate in the student group that develops these seminars. In addition, students can be paired with executives from the local biotech community as mentors.
  • There are research opportunities available for graduate and undergraduate students. Please check with individual faculty members for available opportunities.